Robots (Podcast Episode)

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They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast
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Host: The Puppet Johns
Date published: June 13th, 2008
Show length: 5:10


"They Might Be Giants video podcast of songs about letters, numbers and everything else."


  • Starting time [0:00] Puppet Johns (Flansburgh as a space man, Linnell as a robot):

Flansburgh: [Singsong throughout] It's Friday.
Linnell: [Via vocoder] And that means it's time for...
Flansburgh: They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast!
Linnell: For robots.
Flansburgh: For kids.
Linnell: For robot families.
Flansburgh: For you!

Both: [Singing] Warning! Warning! It's time for robot jokes. Warning! Warning! It's time for robot jokes. Sometimes they aren't funny, but other times, they're funny. Warning! Warning! It's time for robot jokes.
Flansburgh: Waiter!
Linnell: Yes.
Flansburgh: Oh robot waiter!
Linnell: Yes. Yes. What is it?
Flansburgh: What's this robot doing in my soup?
Linnell: It looks like he's performing human tasks twice as well, because robots have no sense of fear.
Flansburgh: I don't get it.
Linnell: I've got another one.
Flansburgh: Good.
Linnell: Why was six afraid of seven?
Flansburgh: I don't know, robot. Why was six afraid of seven?
Linnell: Because seven was a robot.
Flansburgh: Ah, I get it now.
Linnell: You know where I first got these jokes?
Flansburgh: No.
Linnell: Online.
Flansburgh: You mean you don't write your own jokes?
Linnell: No, I am a robot!
Both: [Singing] Warning! Warning! That's all the robot jokes

  • [2:58] - Addison the Sock (Flansburgh):

Addison: Hello. I am Addison the Sock. And now, a word from our sponsors.
Flansburgh: [Voice only] They Might Be Giants are headlining five shows on the Disney Music Block Party Tour. In Toms River, New Jersey, on July 25th, 26th, and 27th. That's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Toms River, New Jersey, July 25th, 26th, and 27th. Then They Might Be Giants roll on down the road to the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland for more shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 29th and July 30th. See They Might Be Giants live on-stage.