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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Filmed for Music Choice, this show was fantastic. Extra-long setlist kept the fun going. Full-band premieres of Here Come The ABCs songs except Alphabet Of Nations.
Amusing trivia about Marty Beller when Flans was introducing him for Alphabet Lost And Found:
You know, stepping off the drums to center stage is a terribly long pause. But, Marty's bones are made of ham.


I bought a ticket for this show, aware of the age limit, but I tried my luck anyway. All seemed well until the lady at the metal detector (durp) asked me how old I was. I tried to say I was 18, but my experience at lying about my age is limited, so she knew that wasn't true. After arguing with the manager and everything, I was ultimately turned away. DEFINATELY one of the low points of 2005 for me.
It wasn't all bad though, cause the next day I went to their free Amoeba show. The set-list wasn't as good this one was, but atleast I managed to see them before they left L.A. When they were signing autographs, I had 'em sign my unused ticket from the night before. I just sort of casually said, "So what's up with that 18-or-older thing with you show last night?" Flans began to respond, stumbled over his words a bit, and then settled with "It's complicated". I suspect he didn't think it wise to say something bad about the House of Blues, or Music Choice, or both. In retrospect, I kind of feel bad for putting them on the spot and sounding as confrontational as I probably did. haha