Au Contraire

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song name Au Contraire
artist They Might Be Giants
releases The Spine, Au Contraire (Promo), TMBG Clock Radio, 50,000,000 They Might Be Giants Songs Can't Be Wrong
year 2004
first played October 18, 2002 (59 known performances)
run time 2:26
sung by John Linnell


  • The clapping at the end of the album version continues onto The Spine's next song, "Damn Good Times".
  • Danny Weinkauf does not play bass on this song. Instead, it's John Linnell playing a synth bass, which becomes apparent toward the very end of the song.
  • There are three slightly different mixes of this track appearing on the EP, album and pre-release promos of the album. The EP version contains a flute solo, the promo version has a guitar solo, and the version on commercial pressings of The Spine features both the guitar solo as well as part of the flute as a fill-in before the final verse.

Song Themes

Album Lead-Ins, Clothes, Denial, French, Games, Language, No, People (Real), Presidents, Problems With Liner Notes, Questions, References To Other Songs Or Musicians, Religion, Supernatural, Shapes, Songs With Handclaps, Swing Feel, Water, Weather


  • Watch it on Youtube.png - Altered version live on TSS

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