Santa's Beard

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song name Santa's Beard
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Lincoln, Lincoln Sampler, Then: The Earlier Years, They Might Be Giants In Holidayland, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1988
first played March 3, 1988 (32 known performances)
run time 1:55
sung by John Flansburgh, John Linnell harmonizes during the chorus


  • John Flansburgh, in The Gothamist, 2011, discussing researching titles before choosing one: "I remember when I found out there's a Beach Boys song called "Santa's Beard". I was really shocked."[2]
  • The title came from a Watchface performance piece called "Stereotype", where they would chant cliche phrases in stereo -- and later, quad, according to the Radio Radio #5 podcast.
  • In 2017, Flansburgh noted, "That one was really more about jealousy, which is probably why it stands out. The Santa part is kind of just incidental."[3]
  • In 2019, in response to a fan's inquiry, Flansburgh stated that many of Lincoln's sound effects came from "the stock sounds in the studio's Akai S1000. I suspect that really thumpin' slap on Santa's Beard is JL on the Akai."[4]

Song Themes

Artificial Body Parts, Colors, Friendship, Funny But Sad, Hair, Holidays, Love Gone Sour, Music, Questions, Screaming


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