Chronology:Am I Awake?

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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Am I Awake? (Intro Version) 0:27

Unreleased 2003 Short version with slightly different arrangement and vocal used as the opening for Resident Life.
Am I Awake? (Clock Radio Version) 3:04

TMBG Clock Radio 2003 Like the final EP version, but without a fast beat under the first bridge.
Am I Awake? (Elegant Too Remix) 3:04

Unreleased 2003 Remixed opening for the first 12 seconds.
Am I Awake? (Instrumental) 3:04

Unreleased 2003 Identical to the Indestructible Object version minus vocals.
Am I Awake? 3:04

Indestructible Object 2004 Different mix, including more drums on the bridge and a brief pause right before it.