Indestructible Object

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Indestructible Object ep cover
Indestructible Object
EP by They Might Be Giants
First released April 4, 2004
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Tracks 5
Label Barsuk Records <bark35> Length 12:32


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Am I Awake? 3:04 
2 Memo To Human Resources 2:03 
3 Au Contraire 2:26  N/A
4 Ant 2:55  N/A
5 Caroline, No 2:05  N/A


  • The EP's title comes from a sculpture by the surrealist artist Man Ray. The original version was called "Object to Be Destroyed," but it was remade after the title was taken literally.
  • Danny Weinkauf does not play bass on any of the tracks and is, in turn, not credited.