Darling, The Dose

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song name Darling, the Dose
artist They Might Be Giants
releases BOOK
year 2021
run time 2:15
sung by John Flansburgh


  • John Flansburgh described the song in a 2021 interview: [1]
Darling, The Dose was one of the latecomers, it arrived in December as we were getting together to finish the record. It actually sort of bumped out other songs that we were working on. [...] The song is based around the expression 'it's not the poison, it's the dose'. So, it's really kind of about just being trapped with someone. [...] It's just a claustrophobic song.
  • King Hamlet, Prince Hamlet's father, was assassinated when his brother poured "juice of cursed hebenon" in his ear.
  • Viktor Yushchenko was the subject of a 2004 assassination attempt by TCDD poisoning.
  • Rasputin was also the subject of an assassination attempt by cyanide poisoning though he was ultimately killed by gunshot.
  • Socrates was condemned to death by ancient Athens and ended his life by drinking poison hemlock.
  • Hercules killed the centaur Nessus with arrows dipped in the poisonous blood of the Lernean Hydra. Nessus contrived to have Hercules killed in turn by exposure to the same poison.

Song Themes

Drinks, Drugs, Mythology, People (Imaginary), People (Real), Plants, Poison, Relatives, The Senses, Time, Title Not In Lyrics, Water, Weather


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