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Songs that involve poison or poisonous substances. Such songs may offer a straightforward description of the effects of poison...or veer off in a far more surreal and metaphorical direction.

Central theme[edit]

  • Darling, The Dose - The song lists off poison ingredients such as venom and nightshade, and includes lyrics such as "No antidote in sight" and "The dose is the poison / we've had more than most". It also name-drops historical and literary figures, such as "Socrates and Hercules", who notoriously died as a result of poisoning.
  • Poison Flowers
  • The Poisonousness

Briefly mentioned[edit]

Honorable mentions[edit]

  • In TMBG's May 21, 2003 newsletter, John Flansburgh memorably denounces plastic surgery: "I am really fascinated by this "bo-tox" thing they are doing in Hollywood which actually PARALYZES YOUR FOREHEAD with POISON BACTERIA."
  • Money For Dope - Cobra venom.

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