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They Might Be Death

A list of songs about or mentioning death and/or dying, TMBG's two favorite topics.

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

Honorable mention[edit]

  • Circular Karate Chop - "short sharp shock" refers to a beheading in its original context (Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado)
  • ECNALUBMA - Lines like "Injury, blood and grieving" imply death, though it is never actually mentioned
  • Experimental Film - In the H*R video, Strong Sad dressed up as the Grim Reaper. Also the Tentacle Skull appears.
  • I Like Fun - The music video features the narrator hallucinating after dying after waiting in line for prescription medicine.
  • Join Us - The album cover and some of the associated artwork features a monster hearse. Additionally, one of the known working titles for the album was Necropolis.
  • Let Your Hair Hang Down - The chord progression for a good duration of this song spells out the word "dead". Considering the track was composed by John Linnell, the concept was probably lingering in his subconscious during its creation.
  • Spoiler Alert - Spoiler Alert: There's about to be a head on collision. It can be assumed that at least one of the two narrators will die.
  • Subliminal - "As I got hit by a car there was a message for me. As I went through the windshield, I noticed something". Getting hit by a car and flying through the windshield would likely result in death.
  • Why Must I Be Sad? - Among the Alice Cooper songs mentioned are "I Love the Dead" and "Dead Babies."

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