Sleeping In The Flowers

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song name Sleeping in the Flowers
artist They Might Be Giants
releases John Henry, Sleeping In The Flowers (Promo), John Henry + Factory Showroom
year 1994
first played April 21, 1993 (161 known performances)
run time 4:30
sung by John Flansburgh; John Linnell harmonizes


  • According to Flansburgh, this song is about "getting stoned in Central Park." He has also said this song was influenced by the Small Faces song "Itchycoo Park."
  • From the Q&A: "Gibson Montana very kindly built a left handed L1 acoustic model for me [Flans] for the John Henry recordings, and can be heard on 'Self Called Nowhere' and on 'Sleeping In The Flowers'."
  • This song appears in the 1995 film Born to Be Wild.

Song Themes

Addiction, Compulsion, Aversion To Work, Death, Drinking, Drugs, Fade Out, Geography, Heads, Islands, New York City, Occupations, Plants, Sailing, Sleep, Transportation, Water


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