Aversion To Work

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A recurring theme in TMBG's songs, particularly those written by Flansburgh, seems to be a general disdain for or hatred of work (especially desk jobs).

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Drink! - "In your monkey suit, on a cigarette break / The lunchtime crowd, they won't even blink / But you'd be sad, if they did / But you'll be sad"
  • If I Wasn't Shy - "I'd burn all the uniforms, I'd burn all the time-clock cards"
  • The Lady And The Tiger - "I'm sick of this job, I don't know what we're waiting here fors"
  • My Evil Twin - "I know he looks like me, hates work like me, and walks like me"
  • Name - "They're not working enough"
  • Sleeping In The Flowers - "We'll be sleeping in the flowers / Tell my boss that I've been fired / We'll be sleeping in the flowers / Tell my boss I'm fired"
  • They'll Need A Crane - "The boss still hates me"
  • We've Got A World That Swings - "What's before me? Routines that bore me. Punch the clock at eight"
  • We Live In A Dump - The narrator is apparently an idle vagrant who rejects realism and calls himself individualistic.
  • Your Own Worst Enemy - "Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work. And after many glasses of work, I get paid"

Honorable mention[edit]

  • Ana Ng - The music video depicts the Johns banging their fists on desks and yelling at their telephones.

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