Operators Are Standing By

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Illustration from the Long Tall Weekend liner notes

song name Operators Are Standing By
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Long Tall Weekend
year 1999
first played October 23, 1999 (1 known performance)
run time 1:24
sung by John Flansburgh


  • From the Summer 1999 Info Club newsletter: "Sung by Flansburgh with Linnell at the mighty Hammond B3 electric organ, this meditation on the torments of office work carries on in the grumbling tradition of Minimum Wage."
  • The Möbius strip is a surface with only one side and only one boundary, with the mathematical property of being "unorientable". Flansburgh refers to it again in the songs "Homunculus" and "Omnicorn".

Song Themes

Addiction, Compulsion, Aversion To Work, Backwards, Clothes, Coffee, Occupations, Telecommunication


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