Long Tall Weekend

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Long Tall Weekend album cover
Long Tall Weekend
Studio album by They Might Be Giants
First released July 19, 1999
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Tracks 15 Last album Factory Showroom
Label eMusic Length 33:28 Next album Mink Car

Long Tall Weekend is They Might Be Giants' seventh studio album, released by eMusic on July 19, 1999. The album made music history by becoming the first full-length online-only album ever to be released by a major artist.

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eMusic advertised the album as including "songs already considered classics among TMBG fans".[1] Indeed, some of the songs on Long Tall Weekend had already been in rotation in the band's live show for years (including "Maybe I Know", one of the earliest songs in the band's live repertoire), and many others were originally demoed or produced around the John Henry or Factory Showroom sessions in the mid-90s, and had been previously featured on Dial-A-Song. Flansburgh spoke about the album's assembly in a 2024 Tumblr post:[2]

Everything was in transition for us—we were off Elektra and on Restless, but because we had control of our digital rights (a smart move by our manager and lawyer) we were free to work with eMusic, who had put forward a nice offer but needed it to be exclusive. We also were very aware that whatever we put on the eMusic project, it would be heard by far less people than a physical release, so rather than committing a dozen songs to a project that might not exist for most of our audience, compiling a rarities comp seemed the perfect vehicle. Some of it was brand new, some of it was from the archives.

Illustrator Michael Kupperman was enlisted to provide the album artwork, which was distributed as a PDF by eMusic, as well as a drawing for each song. Kupperman also provided new illustrations for the album's 2023 vinyl debut and digital reissue.

In 2022, Flansburgh provided a little background on the album title: "I think it was a very casual thing, just riffing on 'Long Tall Texan', 'Sally', etc. Because it was kind of a grab bag of odds and ends it seemed fitting. Like a vacation from responsibility."[3]


The band marked the release of the album with a release party show at Irving Plaza. After the show, eMusic representatives tossed goodie bags filled with eMusic T-shirts and Long Tall Weekend CDs, which were packaged in makeshift paper sleeves. Only a limited number of CDs were produced.

In addition to the CDs from the release party, a special edition of the CD was packaged with the program for Wired magazine's 1999 "Reader's Raves Awards" ceremony. The CD was limited to around 500 copies with the Wired magazine logo just above the track listing on the front of the CD, and "for promotional use only" in the fine print at the bottom of the CD.

The album received its vinyl debut on May 24, 2023. For the release, artist Michael Kupperman offered to illustrate new versions of the cover art and liner notes, stating that he had improved as an artist in the multiple decades since the album's original release.


According to Gigantic, downloads of Long Tall Weekend through eMusic's subscription-based service caused TMBG to be the most legally[4] downloaded artist on the Internet in 1999. That feat was repeated by the band in 2000.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Drinkin' 1:32 
2 (She Thinks She's) Edith Head 2:32 
3 Maybe I Know 2:04 
4 Rat Patrol 2:04 
5 Token Back To Brooklyn 1:01 
6 Older 1:56 
7 Operators Are Standing By 1:24 
8 Dark And Metric 1:40 
9 Reprehensible 3:17 
10 Certain People I Could Name 3:30 
11 Counterfeit Faker 2:12 
12 They Got Lost 4:38 
13 Lullabye To Nightmares 2:28 
14 On Earth My Nina 1:24  N/A
15 The Edison Museum 1:59 
16 Dr. Evil
Vinyl and streaming bonus track



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