Dark And Metric

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Illustration from the Long Tall Weekend liner notes

song name Dark and Metric
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Dial-A-Song, Long Tall Weekend
year 1999
run time 1:40
sung by John Linnell


  • From the Summer 1999 Info Club newsletter: "With its Sesame Street vibe, this track features Graham Maby on bass and Brian Doherty pounding the tubs. A long-standing Dial-A-Song favorite, Dark And Metric is finally available for repeat listening."
  • Spoilers, windscoops, and mag wheels are all accessories for cars.
  • John Linnell spoke about the song in a 1995 interview, four years before its release:
On this record (John Henry), one of the things we did was that John wrote sets of lyrics. I actually asked him to give me ten song titles and instead he wrote ten sets of lyrics and handed them off. So I worked on a couple of them; I came up with "Subliminal" - that was his lyric and I wrote the music, and I wrote another song called "Dark And Metric" which hasn't been released yet but will come out eventually.

Song Themes

Animals, Body Parts, Death, Funny But Sad, Geography, In Back, Jail And Imprisonment, Misanthropy, No, Science, This Town, Traded Tracks, Transportation


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