Rat Patrol

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Illustration from the Long Tall Weekend liner notes

song name Rat Patrol
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Long Tall Weekend, Non LP Tracks, They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio, Podcast 53
year 1999
first played April 12, 1996 (6 known performances)
run time 2:04
sung by John Linnell, John Flansburgh provides backup vocals.


  • From tmbg.com, "This song cause[d] quite a bit of division-even among those within the inner sanctum of TMBG. The effect of Linnell's very twitchy vocal is further heightened when I come in with my personal caterwauling. We can't really justify this track. We're just grateful it's finally on a CD."
  • The usage of "Rat Patrol" originally comes from the name of a TV show that aired from 1966-1968. That Rat Patrol took place in WWII. However, it has been re-used over time as the name of a Clash bootleg that contains the original version of their 1982 album Combat Rock, and also a freak bike club.
  • From the Summer 1999 Info Club newsletter: "This witchy rocker spotlights some really witchy singing, duelling guitar lines from Flans and Eric Schermerhorn and a truly blazing guitar solo from Eric as well. Not the same as the embryonic version heard on Dial-A-Song, this will get any rocker's mojo workin', whether you're into Hatchet or Pantera."

Song Themes

Accents, Animals, Bad English, Mirrors And Reflections, Occupations, Traded Tracks, Windows, Yes


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