Zombies Or The Undead

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Central theme[edit]

  • The Darlings Of Lumberland
  • Dead
  • Exquisite Dead Guy
  • From Beyond The Grave
  • I'll Be Haunting You
  • Mrs. Bluebeard - "Alas, my murdered remains are incapable of learning anything" - sung entirely from the perspective of a murdered wife or of Bluebeard himself
  • Tavern In Pinsk - "All the corpses have a drink" as they await "deliverance"
  • The Edison Museum - "Ghosts float up the stair, like silent moving pictures"..."The tallest, widest and most famous haunted mansion in New Jersey"
  • Turn Around - "...A man I had recently killed / Called me up from a phone near my building", "...The ghost of my dance instructor / Pushed me down into an open grave"
  • You Probably Get That A Lot - A cephalophore is a saint who has been martyred via beheading, and is usually portrayed carrying his or her own head. For one to be wandering the world, it would have needed to be carnally reanimated.

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