Why Must I Be Sad?

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song name Why Must I Be Sad?
artist They Might Be Giants
releases John Henry, John Henry + Factory Showroom
year 1994
first played April 21, 1993 (27 known performances)
run time 4:08
sung by John Linnell, John Flansburgh sings the Alice Cooper titles


  • From the Q&A page on the old tmbg.com, John Flansburgh said:
"Why Must I Be Sad" is sung from the perspective of a kid who hears all of his unspoken sadness given voice in the music of Alice Cooper. Alice says everything the kid has been wishing he could say about his alienated, frustrated, teenage world. It's another one of our speculative, non-autobiographical songs which uses the word "I" a lot.
  • With the Alice Cooper theme in mind, the following Alice Cooper songs are named in order. All are from five consecutive albums that span between '71-'75. Billion Dollar Babies is heavily represented: six of its ten songs are mentioned.
    • "No More Mr. Nice Guy" from Billion Dollar Babies
    • "I Love the Dead" from Billion Dollar Babies
    • "Welcome to My Nightmare" from Welcome to My Nightmare
    • "Dead Babies" from Killer
    • "Raped and Freezin'" from Billion Dollar Babies
    • "You Drive Me Nervous" from Killer
    • "Elected" from Billion Dollar Babies
    • "Generation Landslide" from Billion Dollar Babies
    • "Under My Wheels" from Killer
    • "Muscle of Love" from Muscle of Love
    • "School's Out" from School's Out
    • "Only Women Bleed" from Welcome to My Nightmare
    • "Billion Dollar Babies" from Billion Dollar Babies

Song Themes

Love, People (Real), Questions, References To Other Songs Or Musicians, Sadness, School, Writing


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