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song name Montana
artist John Linnell
releases Radio They Might Be Giants, State Songs, Montana (Single), TMBG Clock Radio
year 1999
first played October 26, 1999 (15 known performances)
run time 3:14
sung by John Linnell


It's grammatical, yeah. It's not true and it doesn't strictly make sense. But the explanation for that song is that the person singing is delusional.
  • Linnell on TMBG's Tumblr in 2022:
As far as I can recall, the lyric was always about Montana being a leg. Beyond that I have no insight into the unconscious process that led me to that particular noun.
  • "Montana" was chosen as the single from John Linnell's solo album because "South Carolina" was too long for the grooves to fit on the vinyl single, which was shaped like the continental United States.
  • From the State Songs liner notes:
It's only appropriate that a state as large as Montana (147,046 square miles) should sport two Official State Nicknames. They are: 'the Treasure State' and 'Big Sky Country.' Montanans can also choose between two Official gemstones: Sapphire and Agate. And owing to her vastness Montana requires two separate heads of state: the Governor, and his nemesis the anti-Governor.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Death, Insanity, Medical, Questions, Size, US States


  • Watch it on Youtube.png - Live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, January 1, 2000

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