Dr. Spock's Back-Up Band

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Dr. Spock's Back-Up Band live bootleg cover
Dr. Spock's Back-Up Band
Live bootleg by They Might Be Giants
First released 1993
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Tracks 21
Label Blue Knight Records <BKR 22> Length 57:25


Dr. Spock's Back-Up Band is a bootleg featuring live recordings from the June 27, 1992 Chicago show. From the liner notes:

They might be giants, they might just be Dr. Spock's back-up band, but they definitely are one of the most gifted pop bands around.

Since almost twenty years the two eccentrics John Flansburgh and John Linnel are working at their common multiangeld conception oft the world. Since 1988 they set their results to music and they have blessed us with five albums so far.
When in 1990 'Birdhouse in your soul' entered the U.S. charts it came to them as a surprise. 'We just play funny music for odd people. We don't fit for the charts' said John Flansburgh. Anyway the duo from Boston is wowing the U.S. college circuit since.
The show on this record will give you an impression of what's happening when the two kings of snip are entering the stage, and you'll understand instantly why they are cult.

-Nickel Mong
Compact disc

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 The Extended Spider Intro 0:33


2 I Palindrome I 2:22


3 Twisting 1:56


4 Particle Man 1:59


5 The Guitar 3:49


6 The Statue Got Me High 3:06


7 She's Actual Size 2:05


8 Instrumental No. 1 1:33


9 Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes 1:59


10 Whistling In The Dark 3:25


11 32 Footsteps 1:36


12 We Want A Rock 2:47


13 Birdhouse In Your Soul 3:20


14 Don't Let's Start 2:36


15 Dig My Grave 1:08


16 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) 2:38


17 Kiss Me, Son Of God 1:54


18 Your Racist Friend 2:54


19 Instrumental No. 2 3:58


20 Lie Still Little Bottle 2:06


21 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair 2:23



  • This is the only known factory-pressed silver CD bootleg of TMBG material.
  • This bootleg was likely made in Germany, due to the GEMA marking on the disc; this would also explain the poor English in the liner notes.
  • Blue Knight Records released a couple other live bootlegs from Fugazi, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and others in the early 1990s.
  • The bootleg's title quotes a lyric from the self-referential song "They Might Be Giants".