The Famous Polka

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song name The Famous Polka
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Don't Let's Start (EP), Don't Let's Start (Album), Miscellaneous T, Then: The Earlier Years, Selections From Then
year 1987
first played June 23, 1987 (574 known performances)
run time 1:33
sung by John Flansburgh; John Linnell


  • When played at a 1992 show in Milwaukee, WI, the venue's stage collapsed after about 75 people started dancing on it. Right before the song, Flans told the audience, "We would like to ask you for this one brief moment to disregard the fire laws. Feel free to just... come on up, and help us out with the Famous... Polka."
  • Originally called "The Phone Inside A Ribcage Polka," according to Flans on the Frank O'Toole Show.
  • In most live performances, the vocals are often omitted at the end, save for the "Hey!"s. After the November 29, 2015 performance (captured on Live At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg 11.29.15), Flansburgh said, "You know, people ask us why we don't sing the vocal part of that last song, and the reason is, we forget to."
  • From 1987 to 1990, this song was performed as a medley alongside Purple Toupee.

Song Themes

Colors, Hair, Letters Of The Alphabet, Music, Not In Common Time, Size, Telecommunication, Title Not In Lyrics


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