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TMBG, but perhaps John Flansburgh in particular, seem to enjoy speaking, singing, or even acting out a sort of caricature of a German national. John Flansburgh has often used the pseudonym "Rolf Conant", because Conant is his middle name and Rolf is simply "a good German name." John Linnell has used the name "Gunnar", which is more properly Teutonic in origin, but arguably sounds somewhat Germanic.

Songs that reference Germany or German people[edit]

Songs featuring German words or a Germanic accent[edit]

  • Clowntown - German accent
  • Mr. Klaw - German accent
  • O Tannenbaum - Sung entirely in (butchered) German
  • Philadelphia - Employs both a German accent and the style of German electronic music. Ends with the German word "dankeschön".

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