Henry Linnell

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Henry Linnell, son of John Linnell and Karen Brown, was born in 1998.
Henry Linnell with his father in November 2008

As a toddler, Henry made a brief debut appearance in the 2002 They Might Be Giants documentary Gigantic, during which he informed viewers about the difference between eyes and eyeballs (eyeballs are in your head, eyes are on your face) and discovered the camera viewfinder while eating a bagel sandwich.

Henry later did some speaking for "Letter/Not A Letter" on the 2005 album Here Come The ABCs along with his friend Desi Tomaselli. On 2008's Here Come The 123s, the two voiced the roles of the "Sevens" on the song "Seven."

In 2021, Henry recorded all the guitar parts for his father's solo EP, Roman Songs, while they quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic.