Letter/Not A Letter

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Music video for "Letter/Not A Letter"
That's a letter!
I don't know what that is.

song name Letter/Not a Letter
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The ABCs, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2005
run time 1:08
sung by Henry Linnell, Desi Tomaselli


  • An instrumental with voice-overs by two children in the classic style of Sesame Street.
  • In some copies of Here Come the ABCs, vocals are credited to Henry Linnell.
  • This song employs the melody from "Z Y X" with an increased tempo.
  • Features Dan Levine on trombone and tuba, and Mark Pender on trumpet.
  • Illustrated & animated by Divya Srinivasan (Included on DVD).

Song Themes

Children, Letters Of The Alphabet, Non-John Vocals, Questions, Spoken Word, Title Not In Lyrics, Upside-Down


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