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This page is for the Mono Puff song, Hidden Track. For a list of miscellaneous TMBG-related hidden things, see Easter Eggs.

song name Hidden Track
artist Mono Puff
releases It's Fun To Steal
year 1998
run time 2:00
sung by "Ralph", "Kathy", "Bad News", and "Princess" from Apple SimpleText


  • This is an unlisted Easter Egg. Rewind the album from the beginning of track one, and stop rewinding when the track time is near -1:55. Allow the CD to play, and you will hear a bizarre track spoken/sung entirely by Apple's SimpleText program, which includes an introduction to the album by Pat Dillett (who uses the "Princess" voice).
  • The tune to the sung part is Chopin's funeral march from Piano Sonata No. 2. This is the melody of the Macintosh's "Bad News" voice. The default lyrics of its 'song' are as follows: "The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the headlights of a fast approaching train."

Song Themes

Easter Eggs, Jail And Imprisonment, Loneliness, Music, Non-John Vocals, Nonsense Words, People (Real), Self-Reference, Spoken Word, Telecommunication, Temperature, Writing


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