It's Fun To Steal

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It's Fun To Steal album cover
It's Fun To Steal
Studio album by Mono Puff
First released May 19, 1998
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Tracks 15 (with hidden track) Last album Unsupervised
Label Bar/None <A-HAON 101> Length 42:14 (with hidden track)

It's Fun To Steal is the second and final full album by John Flansburgh's Mono Puff. Noticeably funkier than the earlier release Unsupervised, it features a wide range of guest artists and collaborators.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
0 Hidden Track 2:00


1 Creepy 3:11


2 It's Fun To Steal 3:43


3 Poison Flowers 2:03


4 Mr. Hughes Says 2:32


5 Imaginary Friend 3:06


6 Taste The Bass 1:31


7 Extra Krispy 3:58


8 Dedicated 2:33


9 Backstabbing Liar 2:35


10 Hillbilly Drummer Girl 3:01


11 Dashiki Lover 4:06


12 Pretty Fly 2:09


13 I Just Found Out What Everybody Knows 3:13


14 Night Security 2:33



  • Almost one year before the album's release, a promotional cassette was released, with several significant differences.
  • "Hidden Track" is an easter egg, which can be found by rewinding the CD to a point before track 1. This is not possible on some CD players, including most computers.