Pretty Fly

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song name Pretty Fly
artist Mono Puff
releases The Devil Went Down To Newport (Single), It's Fun To Steal, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1996
run time 2:09
sung by Sister Puff (Robin Goldwasser)


  • Originally from the 1955 Robert Mitchum film The Night of the Hunter. The lyrics are credited to Davis Grubb, who wrote the novel from which the film was adapted, with music by the film score composer Walter Schumann.[1] The song is sung in the film by the character Pearl, a young girl played by Sally Jane Bruce. Coincidentally, They Might Be Giants used an image of Bruce as Pearl on the inside cover of their Why Does The Sun Shine? EP.
  • John Flansburgh: "Sister Puff takes it outside. We first heard this song in the film 'Night Of The Hunter.' If it has ever appeared on disc before is an open question, but its haunting beauty made it an irresistible cover."[2]
  • Definitely not to be confused with the Offspring hit "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)."

Song Themes

A Capella, Animals, Insects, Love Gone Sour, Non-John Vocals, Relatives, Space, TMBG Remakes


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