It's Fun To Steal (Song)

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song name It's Fun to Steal
artist Mono Puff
releases It's Fun To Steal, TMBG Clock Radio, Podcast 47
year 1998
first played September 19, 1997 (15 known performances)
run time 3:43
sung by John Flansburgh


"It's Fun to Steal" is really a great song, it's actually very, you know the thing about that is that it's a very sincere song, I had a long conversation with John about that song and we were talking about...

The implications?

It's actually a very moralistic song in a way, like it's disguised as a kind of amoral song but it's sort of condemning the person who cheats but in I think an interesting way.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Criminal Activities, Gleeful Irreverence, Questions, Titles And Honorifics, Upside Down


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