I Am Not Your Broom (Demo)

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Video for "I Am Not Your Broom (Demo)"
From the TMBG QuickCam

song name I Am Not Your Broom
artist They Might Be Giants
releases tmbg.com
year 1996
run time 0:33
sung by John Linnell


  • This version of the song was written impromptu by John Linnell for use in the QuickCam video. It includes only the first half of the song, up until the end of the lyrics. The melody is also a bit different, and the broom voice isn't as deep.
  • Linnell would recall the creation of the song for the video in a 2003 interview on NPR's Fresh Air With Terry Gross:
The song was written after I got a hold of one of these little inexpensive cameras in the shape of an eyeball that you can plug into your computer, and I realized John [Flansburgh] and I could actually make our own videos, not for half a million dollars, but for the $99 it cost to buy this thing. So I started out looking around the room for something to use in the video, and all there really was was my broom and my face.

Song Themes

A Cappella, Accents, Aversion To Work, Self-Reference


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