I Can Add

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Music video for "I Can Add"

song name I Can Add
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Here Come The 123s
year 2008
run time 2:03
sung by John Flansburgh, Hannah Levine


  • Music video designed by David Cowles and animated by Adam Sacks. In addition, several people assisted with animation, who are all credited here.
    • According to Sacks' LinkedIn page, the video was produced between February and April 2007, and according to Cowles, this was the third video he completed for the album.
  • According to Cowles, all of the pictures used for the characters in the video were sourced from a stock image library.
  • In the DVD ending credits, this song's position is swapped with "Nonagon".

Song Themes

Children, Counting, Language, Mathematics, Non-John Vocals, Numbers, Spanish, Spoken Word, Writing


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