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Standardized Testing[edit]

This song is about the world evil known as Standardized Testing. People might think it's just about adding, but its actually brainwashing you into taking Standardized Testing.

"Paper out, pencils raised"

The test is starting

"I don't even know Spanish But I'm gonna sing it in Spanish, now"

The person doesnt know spanish but the test is forcing him to

"Two kids countin' plus one kid countin' Equals three kids countin' Three kids countin' plus two kids countin' Equals five kids countin'!"

Expressing the huge amount of kids taking the tests. At the end theres hope. If you realized all verses up to the last one ends with 8 plus 8, but the last verse ends with 4 plus 1, showing that the tests will get easier.

In conclusion, the SAT sucks - (Imboss5)