Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow

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Music video for "Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow"
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song name Lines Upon a Tranquil Brow
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Stumpbox,, TMBG Unlimited - December, (2000-2006)
year 2001
first played July 10, 1983 (12 known performances)
run time 1:48
sung by John Flansburgh, John Linnell sings back-up


  • In an interview appearing in the December 1985 issue of Spin, Linnell said:
I think our deepest concerns have to do with music we listened to when we were nine. That's very conscious. In my case, one of the records I often think about is this Walt Kelly record of Pogo songs. We actually cover one of those songs, one of our few covers. It's called "Lines Upon a Tranquil Brow." There's something really wonderful about the way the melodies on that record are put together. They're all extremely short, the melody's up front, the words are hilarious. Those songs are the closest thing to the kind of songs we strive for.
  • One of TMBG's earliest covers, this is, like "Whence That Wince", a cover of a Pogo song. The lyrics were written by Walt Kelly, the cartoonist who created the Pogo Comic Strip series. The song is from the songbook Songs of the Pogo (1956) and appeared on the Walt Kelly/Norman Monath vinyl LP Songs of the Pogo (1956).

Song Themes

Animals, Not In Common Time, Personification, Questions, Screaming, Spoken Word, Swing Feel, TMBG Remakes, Weather


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