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song name Nevada
artist John Linnell
releases State Songs, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1999
run time 7:58
sung by John Linnell


  • Although the song is nearly eight minutes long, only 25 seconds of it feature Linnell (singing and playing a Gretsch accordion). Backing Linnell and filling out the remaining seven-and-a-half minutes is an unknown marching band, which dutifully marches past the microphone and into the distance. Toward the end, a crowd of people chats and cars are heard moving away.
  • The Hello EP version of this song is 30 seconds longer, and contains more lyrics.
  • From the State Songs liner notes:
Human beings have lived in the area known as the Silver State for at least 20 millennia. During that time they have painted on cave walls, herded cattle, toiled in mines, worked as prostitutes and black jack dealers, tested atomic weapons, and worn elaborate, glamorous costumes in some of the most stunning musical productions ever staged.
  • This is the only State Song which has no recorded live performances.

Song Themes

Age, Album Lead-Ins, Dreams, Fade Out, Friendship, Long, Long, Self-Reference, Two Chord Songs, US States


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