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song name Nouns
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Nanobots
year 2013
run time 0:17
sung by John Flansburgh


  • John Flansburgh has said that this song's lyrics reference the difficulty in avoiding repetitive subject matter lyrically. In an interview with The Weekly Feed, he and John Linnell added that there was some humor to this topic, as it creates a fairly superficial analysis of the band's catalog (boiling it down to identifiers such as "the dog [song]", "the bird one").
  • The video included in the iTunes LP edition of the album for this song features various objects like candles and pencils changing in size. Footage of this was reused in the video for "Apophenia".
  • In the Insect Hospital+ video, this song's segment is illustrated mainly with farm-related toy objects and animals.

Song Themes

Cities, Creative Drought, Language, Swing Feel, This Town, Writing


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