Richard O'Connor

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Richard O'Connor is an American animator and entrepreneur who has worked with They Might Be Giants on many occasions. His first work for the band was in 1999, as an assistant animator for the "Why Does The Sun Shine?" and "Doctor Worm" videos on the multimedia Nickelodeon series KaBlam!, while working at the animation studio The Ink Tank, founded by famous animator R.O. Blechman.

O'Connor left The Ink Tank in 2003 with another employee, Brian O'Connell, in order to found their own studio, Asterisk, LLC. Asterisk's first jobs for TMBG were four videos for the Here Come The ABCs album, which they completed in August 2004. Three of those videos - "Flying V", "D & W", and "Can You Find It?" - were included on the DVD; the fourth, "T-Shirt", was left unused and unreleased until O'Connor uploaded it to YouTube in 2007.

O'Connor's connections with many famous artists and animators led Asterisk to work with a legendary underground comix artist named Kim Deitch in the summer of 2005, producing the video for Dallas (Studio) for the Venue Songs DVD. At the same time, he also worked with an artist named Martha Colburn to produce the "Brooklyn (Studio)" video.

Asterisk's final project with the band was for the Here Come The 123s album, producing the videos for "Ooh La! Ooh La!" and "One Two Three Four" in December 2006. O'Connor filmed the puppets for the "We Live In A Dump" video in 2010, as a freelance job. Asterisk later disbanded in 2011, with O'Connor founding a new company, Ace & Son. Since then, O'Connor has not done any work for the band.