Rock Club

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Music video for "Rock Club"

song name Rock Club
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Dial-A-Song (2015), More Murdered Remains
year 2015
run time 2:34
sung by John Flansburgh


A song from Dial-A-Song from years ago, uh, "No Particular Rock Club," "This Particular Rock Club," I'm not even sure what the title of it was; I think the cassette just said "Rock Club" on it.
“Rock Club” was a song that I think was written during one of our very first tours, and was on the original Dial-A-Song for a very long time, just because it was never put on a proper release. On all the bootlegs of the early Dial-A-Song material, that one would always show up. Periodically I would hear the song and think, “Hey, that’s kind of a good song — I don’t know why we didn’t record that song.” [pauses] Well, I kind of know why we didn’t do it — because it’s glacially slow. The first thing we learned on tour is that the glacially slow songs were almost invitations for people to go to the bar. So it is really very much on that topic — the weird, thudding dullness of being in a touring band.
  • Video directed by David Cowles and Jeremy Galante. This video is a spiritual sequel to the video for "The Summer Breeze", released one month earlier. The style change was chosen to avoid spoiling the plot twist that the two videos were connected.
  • The fly band's designs were inspired by the 1959 film Return of the Fly, which Cowles watched on television as a child. The bartender (Charles) is portrayed by Chris Anderson. The photos used for the "car without a handle" are derived from a model car owned by Cowles.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Counting, Forgetting And Remembering, Hands, Love, Numbers, Questions


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