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This one takes me back.[edit]

The thing about Dial a Song, which I think that I'd forgotten, is that it used to be a forum for the minor songs that were probably not going to make the album or B-side. Songs that might not even be played live. Songs you might hear just once. I must have first heard this about 20 years ago and quite liked but it was probably a mistake to re-record it. Conversely, you have to say it sounds so much better in every aspect. Flans sings it well, better than originally, it's well played and recorded, but it's lost that fear factor that it had in it's demo form. Around the time they wrote it, the band were struggling and there must have been many a time when they were playing some dire venue with a sparse crowd and thought, is this worth it? Let us not forget that the Giants only really got in the black around 2000. I felt this was reflected in the original recording, especially Flans vocal. Those days thankfully, are long gone, and the paranoia of the early demo has disappeared with it. The song itself shuffles along, and is a bit skit like, which is probably why it's been left in the Giants dead song office for so long. I don't mind Rock Club, but it's not a song I think I will return to often. (Mr Tuck) 02:33, July 21, 2015‎


I can't say I ever really liked the original version (in fact, I remember hanging up on it many times in the early 90s), and I'm really bored by this version. I know we sound like a broken record, but I wish They'd revisit some of the more interesting early DAS tracks... aside from the handful of oft-mentioned Linnell unreleased masterworks, I would love to hear hi-fi versions of some of the crazier songs from that era... at least over this one and Summer Breeze. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Deysian (talkcontribs) 10:41, August 3, 2015‎


The kids today might call this "lowkey", and the vibe is extremely mellow, maybe too much. Can't say I disagree with either assessment above, and the passage of time hasn't improved this song's stature in my mind. Then again, TMBG have plenty of barnburning pop rock songs, so it's good to balance them out with things like this. --MisterMe (talk) 08:12, 29 May 2024 (EDT)