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They Might Be Giants
— with Frieda opening —
Darinka in New York, NY
March 30, 1985 at 10:30 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

The release party for the Wiggle Diskette, the band's first official release. Additional reception for the Wiggle Diskette was also available at 8BC on April 6th.

Gary Ray, the owner of Darinka, was asked about the show on the Don't Let's Start fan podcast: "It was fantastic, [...] that flexi-disc party was huge, it was a really big deal."[1]

When asked about the show in a 2022 Tumblr post, John Flansburgh said:

It was just an excuse to play another show. It was a ton of fun and kind of exciting. I do remember the day of the show scotch taping flexidiscs to streetlights in the East Village along side posters. (the discs themselves were impossibly cheap-I think less than 10 cents a disc)