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They Might Be Giants
— with 10,000 Maniacs opening —
Danceteria in New York, NY
February 21, 1986

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $12.

The opener for the show was alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs, who Flansburgh would mention in a Barrymore Theatre interview:

For months we were on the road behind 10,000 Maniacs. We were playing the same cities, and in a lot of cases, the same venues — but just, like, a day before, or a day after. And so... you just come to realize that you have more in common with the death metal band than you ever thought, in terms of where you go. Every hotel you've stayed at, they were there the day before. Every highway you drive down, every truckstop you go in, every... venue you play, every PA guy you meet — they've JUST MET these other people, who you thought you had nothing in common with, and then you realize you're living the same LIFE as [that other band].

In a 2018 podcast interview, Glenn Morrow of Bar/None recalled helping to book They Might Be Giants at Danceteria after being introduced to John Flansburgh by Flansburgh's then-girlfriend Margaret Seiler. This show fits Morrow's recollection chronologically, as it was after the release of the 1985 Demo Tape (which Seiler gave to Morrow) and before Bar/None's signing of the band in the fall of 1986.