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They Might Be Giants
— with special guest Frieda opening —
The Saint in New York, NY
October 9, 1986 at 1:00 AM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show was a celebration of the band signing to Bar/None Records and their then-upcoming self-titled album. The doors opened at 10 p.m.

In an interview with Gothamist in 2007, John Flansburgh recalled his experience playing at the venue:

In the mid-80s we were playing a very late night show at a very large, very notorious disco called the Saint. Rumor had it that the Saint had been built where the old Fillmore East had been, but that was all before our time as a band in NYC. The Saint was constructed in the immediate post-Studio 54 moment and was quite spectacular. It had a complete working planetarium projector in the center of the dancefloor, and a fully domed ceiling just like in a real planetarium-but it was all in the service of a crazy disco light show.

The stage was actually outside the dome; they had cut a little rectangle in the shell and made a sliding wall that worked like a curtain to reveal the band and the stage. Well, standing outside the dome on the stage I could see all the rigging and an ornate proscenium above the stage just above the dome. It dawned on us that we were playing on the actual stage of the Fillmore East even though it was now entirely repurposed and "discotized." Realizing that They Might Be Giants were the cultural bridge between the Allman Bros. and that most disco of disco audience at the Saint was a very strange sensation.