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Setlist: (incomplete and possibly out of order)

They Might Be Giants
— with Mambo-X co-headlining —
Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY
October 31, 1986 at 9:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show was a part of Binghamton University's 1986 "Fallfest", which included Mambo-X as the co-headlining band. According to the event's review, the performances were billed as "alternative music for those with diverse tastes". Tickets were $3.

From a review of "Fallfest '86" by Steve Granados
Pipe Dream, Nov. 4, 1986:

The second band you might have seen in the early morning hours of MTV. They Might Be Giants are a two-man "band" from NYC who perform with the aid of backing tapes. They came out wearing giant cardboard heads and plastic hands, and played music that touched on polka, punk, country and lounge singing. It was funny for the first five minutes, but the joke was over. They had almost cleared the room by their fifth song. They Might Be Giants, but I doubt it.