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Setlist: (incomplete and possibly out of order)

They Might Be Giants
— with special guest Frieda; Stereotype in Quad by Watchface opening —
The Village Gate in New York, NY
March 7, 1987 at 12:00 AM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Tickets were $7.50. Frieda was a special guest at the event and performed a cover of Joan Jett's "Do You Wanna Touch Me" which "nearly stole the show" according to Cash Box. Watchface were the opener for the event, with the group also listed as guests in promotional flyers.

The event was also frequently mentioned by the band during their appearance on the Frank O'Toole Show three days prior:

OK, one last time, we are playing at the Village Gate, which is a legendary jazz club in the heart of Greenwich Village on Bleecker and Thompson, we're doing two big shows, um, one at nine, and one at midnight. We're performing with a group called "Watchface" who are really really good, and uh, it costs money to get in, you have to be over 21, so be sure to bring... your fake ID.

The band also advertised the show with two promos, "At The Village Gate" and "Village Gate Concert Promo", both of which also aired on the Frank O'Toole Show.

A review of the show by Paul Iorio
Cash Box, Mar. 21, 1987:

They Might Be Giants' two shows at the Village Gate (3/7) featured a hilarious cameo by Freda [sic], a female singer wearing a puppet head, who nearly stole the show with a cover of "Do You Wanna Touch." [sic] It was one of the Giants's liveliest shows, full of inventive stage antics and great songs — among them, "She's An Angel," "Hide Away Folk Family," and the fabulously titled "Don't Let's Start." Opening was a performance art foursome named Watchface, who did several humorous and fairly well-received verbal set pieces.