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From The Early Years Handbook:

This show, which has passed into TMBG legend as the "WFMU Tape", was broadcast in March of 1987 on WFMU, East Orange, NJ, on the Upsala College campus (91.1 FM). The show-- actually a special edition of the late-night "Frank O'Toole Show"-- was comprised of the Johns playing ancient Dial-A-Song classics from the original master tapes, performing live, and generally engaging in bizarre shenanigans. Opening with a special live-show introduction from 1985 (talking about a car decorated with uniquely-scented kittens), the show continued with over an hour of non-stop TMBG madness, including the legendary "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"; original demos of "The World's Address", "For Science", "Snowball In Hell", and dozens more; and live performances of "Birds Fly" and "Kiss Me, Son Of God", among others. It also aired a series of Dial-A-Song prank calls, show introductions, TMBG promo radio skits (dating back to 1985!), and other high weirdness-- including a lengthy discussion of Robert Bork's beard. A portion of the acoustic performances from this program were issued on a double-disc WFMU donation-solicitation compilation titled "Upsalapalooza" in 1994.

Recordings of the broadcast also include a seperate appearance from the band on September 16th, 1987. The second appearance included the band playing the entirety of the Don't Let's Start EP before its release in November of that year, while also performing live.