Kitten Intro

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song name Kitten Intro
artist They Might Be Giants
releases The Frank O' Toole Show, Then: The Earlier Years, Mightathon
year 1985
first played February 7, 1997 (5 known performances)
run time 1:43
sung by First half spoken by Linnell, second half by Flansburgh


  • Flansburgh: "Based on a car commercial."[1]
  • This intro samples three songs from the album Dramatic, Mystery, a 1971 LP of instrumental library music released by the Southern Library of Recorded Music. The track "Ice-Floe" plays during Linnell's speech, and "Danger, Melting Ice" is played during Flansburgh's. The track ends with "Murder By Music", which was also sampled in the Critic Intro. The background music used in Untitled and Doris Cunningham was also sourced from a record by the Southern Library of Recorded Music.
  • John Flansburgh mentioned that this intro and the Critic Intro were performed in 1988 using masks.[2]
  • This intro was directly referenced in an article from Newsday in 1986.

Song Themes

Animals, Colors, Intros, Loneliness, No, Religion, Supernatural, Self-Reference, Size, Spoken Word, Title Not In Lyrics, Transportation, Yes


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