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They Might Be Giants
— with Pixies, The Jung Archetypes opening —
Green Street Station in Jamaica Plain, MA
September 19, 1987

Fan Recaps and Comments:

In a 2004 interview, John Flansburgh briefly recalled the show:

I heard about the Pixies from the guy who ran Bar/None, Glen Morrow. He was talking about the Pixies demo saying it was really good. Then the Pixies were opening for us at this place, Green Street Station in Jamaica Plain [in Boston] which was this really obscure club that held about 100 people. Glen wanted to check them out because he wanted to sign them. They had formed like six months earlier and they had the one demo.

We saw them perform and my mother went to the show. It was notable, you know, when your mom goes out to the show. I don’t think she really cared for the Pixies. But the X-factor that was really unanticipated was the sheer volume of the band. It was insane. It was like you were pinned to the other side of the wall. They were just playing at arena rock volume level. They were a tremendous band.

Flansburgh also spoke about the show in a 2023 interview:

The Pixies opened for They Might Be Giants. I don't know what show it was for them — it was probably like their fifth show. And it was a very unimportant show in a very unimportant nightclub in Jamaica Plain in Boston. And, you know, they were just like another baby band. Like, they made a really strong impression. Well, first of all they were the loudest band ever. We were like, "Holy smokes! These guys play really loud, for any band." And then, you know, a year later they were just the biggest band in Europe, the biggest band in the U.K., like, they're enormous.