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Early show. Admission was $6.

Preview of the show from the Valley Advocate, Sept. 14, 1987:

Bringing you such gems as "Youth Culture Killed My Dog" and "Hope I Get Old Before I Die". John Flansburgh, guitar; John Linnell, accordion. Should be an interesting evening. Part of the Nu Wave Cafe Series at the Iron Horse, 20 Center St, Northampton. 7 and 10pm. Info: 584-0610.

"They Might Be Giants rouse crowd in NoHo" by Fran Pado
The Daily Collegian, Sept. 22, 1987:

Will wonders never cease? They Might Be Giants, who played at the Iron Horse on Sunday, brought merriment to socially correct Northampton.

The duo, comprised of John Flansburgh on guitar and John Linnell on, yes, accordion, graced a full house with a rousing seventy minute songfest. Their repertoire, which includes a sing-along, some big, pink, velvet hats, and the kind of gestures which accompany lyrics that you only learn at summer camp, is quite amusing.
But They Might Be Giants deny that humor is their main interest. "We're not purposely trying to be funny," said Linnell. "We're just not as serious about things as some of these death-rock bands."

In reality, the band's terse, witty songs ("I'll Date That Girl From Venus For The Sake Of Science" [sic], "Rabbit Child" [sic], and various other polka-spinoffs), possess originality.
Yet, intelligence is not sacrificed. They Might Be Giants prove that one can forfeit suffering without foregoing concern.
"We've been playing together for about five years. John and I are friends from high school. We certainly don't want to come across as pompous or artsy or anything," states Linnell. "We're basically just having a good time."

If the Iron Horse show is any testimony to that, then They Might Be Giants are certainly true to their words.