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Right after Ana Ng, Flans just says this:

Hey! This is a like a crazy fucked-up thing to talk about in a public forum, and I don't mean to be creepy or strange, but—you know there was this gigantic earthquake in Taiwan—I guess—just recently, and I was reading in the paper this morning that the Furby factory was destroyed—[crowd cheers]—no no—It's much—it's much stranger than that because as I was—you know—it was in the business section and it was like, "could affect toy sales," you know, "the hottest toy." And all I could think of was the 20,000 Furbys that are all like in their boxes going like "Help me!" You know? They're all like ready to go and they're stuck under all this concrete talking to each other going like "Do you think we'll be saved?" "No!" "No!" So, That was—I just wanted to share that horrible thought with you in a public forum, because revealing the most unpleasant and antisocial things is what being in a rock band is all about. But back to the music. Here's a song called Spy.