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Show took place during all of the confusion after election day 2000 when neither George Bush or Al Gore were declared a winner. Much of the onstage banter was about the TV channel VH1-Classics--"the perfect comfort food after 95 hours of CNN not telling me who is president"--and Flans' difficulties in getting quality customer service from Time Warner Cable.
Flans: I don't have too much to say on all this mess with the elections. But I watch a lot of TV other than VH-1 Classic. I've read the newspapers. And I do have a question: When was Al Gore dipped in Loser Sauce? You know? Neither of them have won it, so why is Al the loser?
Show included an appearance by The Stick on Lie Still, Little Bottle and Older, a couple of half-started covers of songs by Journey and (possibly) Asia (keeping with the discussion of VH1-Classic). During the covers, Flans held The Stick out over selected members of the audience to catch their singing. During "Lie Still, Little Bottle", Flans thumped The Stick on the floor of the stage, against the proscenium arch, and on the floor in front of the stage. Flans mentioned that they needed to bring the stick out because the horn section from a previous show was way too expensive.