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Review by Cog:
Friday may 2nd They Might Be Giants played their first show ever in Eugene. And what a show they played. They played in front of 800-900 people at the historic McDonald Theatre. They opened the show with Bed, bed, bed with the confetti cannons. They played See the constellation and Hypnotist of ladies which were very cool live. The highlights were Shoehorn with teeth with Dan Hickey on the Glock. Fingertips was outstanding live and very well received. The crowd was full of energy throughout the show. I think the band totally dug it. This was very evident during the conga line with great participation by the crowd. The conga bit led to No One Knows My Plan. Spin the Dial was cool. Flans sang some opera and then did AC/DC Back in Black (typical for Eugene radio). I heard John and John shout Klaw, klaw a few times which was great. Wicked Little Critta stood out as well. They played all of their main show tunes like Ana Ng, Birdhouse, Istanbul, James K. Polk, The Sun, and finished their 2nd encore with New York City. We have seen them many times now and this show seemed to have the most energy, both on stage and in the crowd. A terrific show, hopefully they will come back.