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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by nlinquist:
Very nice venue. It was a sold out show, which made it even more fun. The opening band was Long Winters. They were ok. Just 2 guys singing and one was playing guitar.

"Bed Bed Bed" had confetti in the middle of the song. Nice way to start out the show. Before "In the Middle" Flansburgh said that the song applies not only to kids, but also to the drunk people in the audience. I really enjoyed Wicked Little Critta. They should play that more often. The nuclear reactions of "Why Does the Sun Shine?" were cause by Seattle, Tacoma, Eugene and Portland.

"Clap Your Hands" ended with "Everybody Scream" , "Everybody Swear" , "Everybody Mumble!" Before "Fingertips" Linnell said that he was hungry for that food the only serve back east, human fingertips. Violin was very cool. They had the audience do a wave in the middle of the song. The Johns spent quite a bit of time before the song making sure everybody knew what to do. Apparrently the Eugene crowd screwed it up. Spin the Dial ended with "Jane Says." Everyone had a lot of fun with that. In the middle of "Older" Linnell just stopped playing and went back to "Jane Says." They were also playing it before "Sleepwalkers" while discussing what a creepy guy Dave Navarro is. Dan Miller played some Peanuts theme music on the keyboard before going into "Dr. Worm." "Famous Polka" was very cool. They even had the order of the solos written on the setlist. Dan Miller also played a long acoustic solo before going into "Istanbul." That guy is amazing.

After the show, I was lucky enough to get a setlist from one of the roadies. I think it was Dan Hickey's copy. Then Flansburgh came out, sat on the end of the stage, and started signing autographs. So I was lucky enough to get the setlist signed. All I said to him was that I really enjoyed "Wicked Little Critta." However, he insisted that they screwed it up. All in all, a great show.