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Review by Selfcallednowhere:

JL: Let me get this thing [the accordion] on. Over my ego.

JF: We did a jam-band show in upstate New York with a bunch of hippies. There were no logos. The hippies don't wear any logos.
JL: There was no inflatable beer bottle.
JF: There was an inflatable Jameson's bottle on stage...but that might have been our sound man's.
JL: That wasn't inflatable.
JF: "I'll take the 2,000 ounce."

JF: *explains the wave thing again* So everyone will get to do it twice except for the people on the perimeter of the room, who are already feeling screwed. This song is a special shout-out to all the 5' tall girls standing behind 6' tall guys.

JF: *explains the Peter Noone thing* We've also made it a shuffle, which makes it even more insidious. This is where the partial refund comes in. But I've lowered your expectations so much.
*They play it and stop in the middle*
JF: I can't do any more. I'm scaring myself.
JL: When you said "I can't do any more," I thought that was part of the rap.

JL: The more knowing among you will notice a covert version of My Sharona in this song. And at that moment, if you catch my eye, we'll wink and point.
JF: It has a French title, which is very controversial in these post-Dixie Chicks times.

JF: *introducing Marcus* His reality show, Tuba Island, will be premiering on the WB. Jessica Simpson stops's like that lady had her brain removed.

JF: *starts to introduce Bed Bed Bed, but JL points out it's not the next song on the setlist* John, you're being a pest. You're ruining the show...John has the fact-checker mode on.
JL: Mr. Picky over here on stage left.
JF: Everyone just turn your prayer books to Bed Bed Bed.
*they play it*
JF: Rockin' the tots since 2002.

JF: This song is about a dirt bike that takes over the world with its spiritual force. Look into my eyes, you can tell they're coming, cos I'm crazy.

JF: *starts to drink the booze that Dan Levine had brought out to him earlier*
JL: Flans, Flans, Flans. *very deliberately takes a drink of water*
JF: *laughs*

JL: This reminds me of a story a friend of ours told us. When he was a kid in I guess the late '60's, they had a special treat where the Three Stooges came to their school. And one of them was already dead, so it was like just Moe and Larry...I don't really remember that part of the story. And Larry was in a wheelchair...I feel bad for telling this story now.
JF: It's our 100% truth policy.
JL: I think it's 100% Tourette' Larry like had a seizure, and they worked it into the act. Moe went and got his medication...Flans, I just want you to know that I'm Larry in that story. I'm Larry.

JF: We've completed a second album, Lincoln. You can buy it on cassette and record, and soon you can buy it on CD in a longbox! And we're very excited about how much landfill space those longboxes will take up.

JF: *introduces Idlewild* *guy in the audience cheers* That guy got it off the Internet.
JL: The RIAA swat team is closing in now.
JF: This has all been an elaborate sting operation to catch that guy.

JF: Can you all keep a secret? Of course not, you're an audience of strangers...this next song is nautically themed...
JL: Are you going to tell us later, in the car?
JF: It's about the first time we went to a lawyer, and--
JL: Oh, yeh, don't tell that story.
JF: It was the first time we visited a music lawyer, and we had a whole list of things we wanted to ask him about the legality of what we were doing, and while he was cautioning us about something in issue 6, he mentioned that he represented the person in issue 9. And that's all I can say.
Dan Levine: That was a great story.
JF: It's always great to tell a story with no punchline. *Marty does a rimshot* Thank you for coming here to Funnybones.

JF: *introducing Stalk of Wheat* Even that Internet guy doesn't have this one.

JF: We did a bunch of songs for Studio 360 with a beach theme, even though we're like the least tan people in show business.

Before Birdhouse/WLC, John demonstrated that he can play the accordion with one hand, because gravity makes the bellows open by themselves.